An All Saints Catholic School graduate, with the support of their families, teachers, peers, and church community, has built upon his/her individual strengths through faith, academics, and social responsibility.  Our graduate knows that God can be found in all things, and through this knowledge he/she will contribute to society in a more positive and prayerful way.

In Faith

Our graduate has:

  • Been inspired by all the saints in the Catholic Church
  • Developed a deep understanding and experience of the sacraments
  • Been exposed to a deep faith-based curriculum supported by Catholic Social Teachings
  • Become a disciple of Christ, modeling his message of love in all things
  • Returned God’s love through prayer and service
  • Learned the origin, mission, and structure of the Catholic Church

In Academics

Our graduate has:

  • Gained an in-depth knowledge of the core curriculum
  • Exhibited intellectual integrity and honesty
  • Prepared for life-long learning and critical thinking
  • Recognized and respected his/her talents and realized his/her potential
  • Learned that academic risk is essential to deeper learning
  • A deep understanding that the foundation provided by All Saints Catholic School has prepared him/her for a successful future

In Social Responsibility

Our graduate has:

  • Contributed to society utilizing the themes of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Brought his/her gifts and talents to the community
  • Accepted both talents and limitations with a sense of humility and gratitude
  • Become a next generation Catholic leader in society
  • Graduated proud to be a part of the All Saints Catholic School legacy with the understanding that this will always be home

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