Elementary School

Our school’s basic curriculum follows that which is set forth by the Archdiocese of Miami, which incorporates the National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks, National Education Standards, Revised Sunshine State Standards and some National Common Core Standards. All Saints Catholic School offers a technology-rich environment that challenges students to grow emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Our approach to education is one where students balance scholastic excellence while developing a deep Catholic identity.


In K-5, your student grows not only in academics, but in faith and social responsibility. We focus on core academics such as math, reading, science, and social studies while integrating foreign language, religion, and service-based community projects. Developing critical thinking skills and practicing rigorous problem solving is key, even at a young age, so that we can build a strong foundation on which children can grow into confident, capable leaders.

Foreign Language

All students at All Saints Catholic School are immersed in Spanish language courses, whether it’s a student’s native language or their second language. Courses are conducted primarily in Spanish to allow students to focus on listening and speaking skills. Reading comprehensions, structural recognition, and writing skills are developed along with cultural topics. All Saints Catholic School is proud to offer advanced Spanish K-8.


Our science curriculum is unmatched! At All Saints Catholic School, our students are taught science by a certified science teacher in a separate classroom with lab capabilities, providing your student with a fully immersed experience in grades 3-8. All students K-8, participate in S.T.R.E.A.M. instruction with an emphasis on Problem Based Learning in order to challenge our students to work collaboratively and creatively.


Our diverse and unique academic offerings help set All Saints Catholic School apart. With the ever-growing demands of technology in the 21st century, we feel it’s imperative that our students embrace technology within their everyday education. Our elementary school students use technology whenever possible and incorporate smart boards, iPads, and laptops into their everyday learning. All Saints Catholic School offers the Accelerated Reader Program, IXL, and numerous on-line curriculums. Students also receive computer instruction from PreK to 8th grade to ensure our students are proficient in various forms of technology hardware and software.


Qualified, compassionate, and caring teachers help mold the students at All Saints Catholic School each and every day. With an emphasis on developing the whole child, your student will excel in an All Saints learning environment. To learn more about All Saints Catholic School, contact us today!