Campus Life


We provide students with a rigorous, enriching education that helps them grow spiritually, academically, and emotionally. Through our curriculum, students gain a strong understanding of math, reading, art, social studies, science, and Spanish, and are prepared for success in college and beyond. From social studies to visual arts to athletics, our faith is present in all we do, and students grow spiritually and deepen their relationship with God.

After-School Care

Our after-school care program partners with parents to take care of your child beyond the school day and runs until 6pm. At after-school care, students have several options: they can spend time with friends, get exercise on the playground, or focus on their studies and complete homework.

After-School Activities

A foundation for success goes beyond academics. Strong social skills built through extracurricular activities help students gain self-confidence, discover their passions, and connect with their peers. Our students are able to participate in a variety of clubs and athletic programs to suit their interests and talents.


Creativity is a fundamental part of a thorough education. Young children are given fun, simple art projects that build their creativity and nurture their fine motor skills, whereas older students dive into more complex art projects that stretch their creativity.


Sports programs offer students benefits beyond health and physical! Students who participate in our athletics program learn to work together as a team, gracefully accept criticism, encourage their peers, and overcome challenges! Our students then transfer these skills into the classroom.


After-school clubs give students the ability to pursue their passions and make new friends. Our clubs include, but are not limited to, student council where students work events and fundraisers, robotics club where students design and program their own robots, ecology club focused on recycling, and drama club where students can participate in school productions.

Morning News

As part of the All Saints Eagle Network, students can participate in the production, filming, and editing of the morning news station that is broadcasted on a closed circuit to all of our students and staff.

Media Center

Students can visit our media center to access a variety of literature, get assistance from a librarian, or conduct online research.

Science Lab

As a STREAM-focused school, All Saints places great emphasis on our science program for all students. Our classroom is lab equipped, meaning that all students get hands-on experience that helps them retain information and prepares them for high school. Grades 3-8 study with a separate, science-certified instructor.


Fluency in technology is a large part of every student’s future. To help prepare them for the society of the future, we incorporate iPads, Apple TVs, and Mimio response systems into classrooms to give students more exposure to and familiarity with technology.