Elementary & Middle School Tuition – Academic Year 2023 – 2024

Non-Refundable Application Fee/Registration Fee Per Family

  • New Student Application Fee: $25 per family
  • Registration Fee: $500 per family

Tuition and Fees Per Child

  • Tuition – Kindergarten through 8th grade: $8,000 per child
  • Academic Fees – Kindergarten through 7th grade: $600 per child
  • Academic and Graduation Fees – 8th grade: $750 per child
  • ESE Fees – $500 – $2,000 per child¬† ¬†(Fee is dependent upon the Matrix Level and Services Provided with IEP documentation.)
  • iPad Fees – $700 per student in grades 5th – 8th only. Payment may be charged in full or paid in installments – 5th – 7th – $200 per year, 8th – $100.


Grants & Financial Aid (application required):

All Saints Catholic School Financial Aid & Grants may be awarded to families who participate fully in the mission of the church and school. Families seeking financial assistance must apply through FACTS and complete the Grant & Aid Assessment.

To apply for financial aid, visit

Financial Aid is reserved for families experiencing a period of crisis or extenuating circumstance and is intended to help families continue Catholic education during limited periods of difficulty.