Middle School

Our school’s basic curriculum follows that which is set forth by the Archdiocese of Miami, which incorporates the National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks, National Education Standards, Revised Sunshine State Standards and some National Common Core Standards. At All Saints Catholic School, our middle school program is rigorous yet attainable. By the time your child leaves middle school, they will have gained an in-depth knowledge of the core curriculum. All Saints Catholic School offers a technology-rich environment that challenges students to grow emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Our approach to education is one where students balance scholastic excellence while developing a deep Catholic identity.


In 6th-8th grade, your student grows not only in academics, but in faith and social responsibility. Our middle school program is designed to provide your student with specific instruction and activities that help prepare them for the transition into high school. Social studies, language arts, mathematics (including advanced math courses), science, foreign language, and religion are at the core of our middle school academics program. We also offer Duel-Enrollment High School classes for Algebra 1 Honors (2019-20), Geometry Honors, Spanish I and Spanish II (2020-21).

Foreign Language

Foreign language plays a key role in an All Saints education. Students learn to respect other cultures and improve their critical thinking, problem solving, and listening skills. As they get older, All Saints students experience a more complex and rigorous Spanish curriculum with our Advanced Spanish classes.


As a STREAM-focused school, All Saints places great emphasis on our science program for all students. In middle school, science is taught in a separate classroom by a certified science teacher. Sixth graders learn earth science, seventh graders learn life science, and eighth graders learn physical science. Our classroom is lab equipped, meaning that all students get hands-on experience that helps them retain information and prepares them for high school.


At All Saints Catholic School, we take a technology-forward approach to education. All Saints Catholic School is committed to the integration of technology throughout the educational process. All grade levels utilize computers on a daily basis as part of their basic instruction, additionally grades 3-8 have a one to one iPad. Each classroom has iPads, computers with Internet access, an interactive whiteboard or large screen TV, projector, and an Apple TV system. Technology is also infused into daily lessons. All Saints Catholic School offers the Accelerated Reader Program, IXL, and numerous on-line curriculums. Students also receive computer instruction from PreK to 8th grade to ensure our students are proficient in various forms of technology hardware and software. Students work with iPads, PC’s, Apple TVs, and Mimio response systems as part of their learning plan, and the latest technology is integrated into every classroom. Through this technology, students are equipped with skills critical to success in today’s modern world.


All Saints offers a unique learning experience for all students, and that is in no small part thanks to our talented and dedicated teaching staff. When your student graduates from All Saints Catholic School and is ready to move onto high school, they have built upon their individual strengths through faith, academics, and social responsibility. To learn more about our middle school program, contact us today!